The Whiskey Rebellion Experience

This themed mixology event is like no other offered by Steel City Mixology. 
History and storytelling come together as your host, The Cocktail Chef, Steven Kowalczuk recounts tales of key moments in local, Revolutionary history.  Bringing to life our nations’ founding fathers, local legacy men and revolutionary heroes,
Steven will engage and educate participants on how Western Pennsylvania helped shape our nation’s current financial system. 
Incorporating local, hand crafted Liberty Pole spirits*, you and your guests will re-create three era inspired cocktails throughout your experience. Book your Whiskey Rebellion Experience today for this historical cocktail journey through the past and back again.
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Choose the 3 rye cocktails (below)
that would like to serve at your Whiskey Rebellion Experience or have the Cocktail Chef create custom rye cocktails specifically for your event.

Receive your shopping list for your event minus any specialty ingredients which will be made by The Cocktail Chef

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The Whiskey Rebellion
Don't know much about the Whiskey Rebellion? Check out this video for an overview of this national turmoul that took place in our own backyard.
The Whiskey Rebellion Experience Cocktail Menu
Choose 3 Liberty Pole signature cocktails for your Whiskey Rebellion Experience!
  1. Penicillin
    liberty pole "newly released" peated rye, lemon, ginger, honey
  2. Bradford's Breakfast
    Bradford's Breakfast
    liberty pole rye, bourbon creme, maple, cold brew coffee
  3. Washington's Cherry Bounce
    Washington's Cherry Bounce
    liberty pole peated rye, tart cherry juice, ghost pepper syrup, black walnut bitters, smoked with applewood
  4. The Wicked Tax Collector
    The Wicked Tax Collector
    liberty pole bassett town white whiskey, bell pepper juice, fresh lime, and a little sugar
Don't see something you like in those cocktails? 
Don't worry,
The Cocktail Chef will create 3 rye cocktails specifically for you, based on your own personal tastes!