Game Night with Friends!
Starting at $199.00 for 12 participants
[Price includes enough craft ingredients & supplies for a specific number of participants. Alcohol not included]

  1. 3 Featured Craft Cocktails
    No Game Night is complete without a few tasty cocktails.
    As part of your Game Night package, The Cocktail Chef, Steven Kowalczuk will send you a cocktail questionnaire to answered and sent back. He'll determine your flavor profile and make featured cocktail suggestions based on your own personal tastes. Once you approve of the cocktail menu, you'll receive a shopping list for only the alcohol. All other ingredients including specialty syrups will be provided.
  2. Interactive Bar Stations
    You're the bartender with these easy to follow recipes and pre-made mixes!
    Your Game Night package includes 3 interactive bar stations will all the tools, ingredients, and garnishes to make the featured craft cocktails. These are easy to follow 1 to 1 ratio for ease of execution. Shaking the cocktail will be one of the highlights.
  3. Board Games Galore for those 21+
    Choose a game(s) and get ready to play. We've got all the most interesting games for your enjoyment.
    Your Game Night package also includes the use of top selling board games focusing on mild to wild party drinking and non drinking adult (21+) games. We'll update our games to make sure you've got the most complete version every time. From mild to WILD, we've got something for everyone. Take it back to a slower time with an exciting new twist to game night.
Craft Bar Pop-Up  
Game Night Cocktail Themes
Our Craft Bar Pop-Ups are delivered to your door.
You provide the counter space, a table, or bar and we'll set it all up.
This is a fully interactive cocktail experience. 
Easy to follow 1 to 1 ratio recipes.
Labelled bottles eliminates confusion.
Plenty of ingredients to cover your guest count.
Video tutorials available upon request.
The next day at your convenience, we'll stop by and take it all away.
With rubber tubs for easy of clean up, it really is a simple system.
Please note: we don't provide the tables or a physical bar.
We do provide plenty of tools & ingredients to make it all happen.
With delicious themes to choose from, having a theme cocktail party has never been simplier.
  1. Garden Fresh
    Garden Fresh
    Fresh out of the garden and into the juicer. These are super nutrient dense juices that will give you a natural boost of energy. A healthy cocktail party is just a click away.
  2. The 1980's
    The 1980's
    From Long Islands to Bahama Mamas, we've got your 1980s menu covered. Dust off your best robot moves and get ready for totally tubular party. It's going to be epic.
  3. Summer Sippin'
    Summer Sippin'
    Think hot days, cold drinks. A super refreshing line-up of cocktails for your delicious enjoyment. Perfect for a hot day or just about any day of the year if you ask me.
  4. Non Alcoholic
    Non Alcoholic
    We specialize in non-alcoholic drinks and mocktails is you need something special for a guest or a whole party for someone under 21 or in recovery. Just let us know how we can help.


This is an exciting, old school way to spend a night with friends. Just cocktails & games.